CRATE Graduate Award

One of the two Graduate awards I won for my degree show work. 


(exert from leaflet)

This group exhibition explores the relationship built between the artists housed in a space for 1 month who’s works play with with materials, space and the freedom of comedic display.  

From exploring the environment of Margate, Sara has gathered textures and surfaces to create works which respond to the space of Crate. The use of Chip board is responding to the demographic of Margate; its use for damaged / shut down shops but also its ‘Hipster’ use in the new gentrified shops popping up. This duo personalty of Chip board is shown in its use of mocking the parquet floor of the Crate Space. 


Why the materials 

My practice involves responding to the environment and gathering information to experiment with. The first surface to catch my eye was the parquet flooring, with its endless possibility's of configuration. 

Right outside the studio was the evidence of gentrification with a building covered in scaffolding. From this I sourced scaffolding covers; the lemon yellow caught my eye, again another material which can be shaped in various compositions

Responding to the idea of Margates gentrified state, I explored the town for surfaces to capture. I gathered textures from the shut down shops; shutters, washed out windows and chip board for boarding up (also material use in new shops).


Naturally I bonded and collaborated with a fellow student who uses an industrial material, concrete. Through out this month we experimented with different ways of exploiting the the concrete and creating a playful relationship between the materials.