Degree Show

TRACES, 2019

Surface, texture, form, movement, space and light are the key interests in my practice. My work boarders between the boundaries of the accident and control, with my fascination of sunlight’s interactions with space.

I have spent the last year responding to my studio, being a space I could constantly experiment in. The mundane (sun light and the textures/ information) found in the space has been the main focus in my research. It is important to me for the audience to feel activated by the work and with the work responding to its location, the audience are able to engage. Play is an important factor to the making and installing of the work and because of this it allows there to be an energy in the work that it feels in state of flux. The Wax pieces highlight my fascination with perception and time and the importance of the audience engagement with the work. 

The tape line running across the floor had to stay; it’s position aligned perfectly to the hanging pull cords. These two mundane pieces of material have formed a relationship and are now a significant factor in the layout of the installation. My collections of work have allowed me to experiment with many layouts and compositions to see which works have the best relationship with each other in an exciting way. Exploiting the use of the situations in the given environment has become a common focus in my work.

Skins, are paper reliefs from the original wall that I etched to record the light running across the space. I hand waxed the paper so the paper became transparent and became a 'skin' of the original source. 

From hanging them in this specific angle and heights in the room, the 'skins' acted as screens to capture the moving light across the room, making the immaterial a material.

Shots from the Installation