Turner Contemporary

Platform Graduate Award 

The Platform Graduate Award is an exciting opportunity for recent graduates to exhibit their work in a well known gallery. I was one of the four graduates nominated to have their work exhibited as a solo show in the gallery alongside the Turner Prize artists

This is an excerpt from my statement at the show.

Traces, 2019


Birch ply, wax paper reliefs, plaster board prints, wax screen print paper scroll, MDF rostered board.


“The tape line had to stay; its position along the floor aligned perfectly to the pull cords. These two pieces of mundane material have formed a relationship and are now integral part of the installation.”


“The morning sunlight activated both the ‘cable wall’ and the real cable tray, creating an echoing relationship between the work and the space.”


Tracescentres around Sara Jackson’s university studio environment, documenting the light and capturing the surfaces, textures and traces of the room. Her collections of objects play with the audience’s perception of space and experiment with the relationships between architecture, flatness and illusion.


Play is an important factor in both the creation and installation of her work, allowing the work to evolve beyond the studio space. By creating collections of work, Sara experiments with compositions, responding to the site to see which pieces have the best relationship with each other.


Sara Jackson is based in Thanet and recently graduated from the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury. She was a 2019 recipient of the Crate Graduate Award and is currently taking part in the Micro Placement Residency Programme at CRATE Space Margate.