Corner to Corner

For the degree show, we set up a publication team to design the 700 copies of booklets that will advertise and provide information of the 67 graduating students of BA Fine Art. 

As a team we prioritised the functionality of the booklet being able to separate easily so everyone could have their image/page as a poster. With this in mind we designed the pages minimalistic and authentically pleasing.



Layer - we wanted more than just pages full of images, we added tracing paper over our 3 mini booklets, covered in words representing the students work. Having 3 booklets meant there was 6 pages, so we used the title to influence the words of choice in each page ' CORNER'. 


Texture - wanted the booklet to be seen as an object, so we added texture to the cover by embossing. I designed the layout of the cover to be encased with all descriptions found from our surveys on the students work. With these inscriptions, we laser cut them from MDF and as a team, embossed the covers using a roll presses at uni. It took 2 days and 3 roll presses to complete the 700 covers.