Brick Tile Spong


'Alternative Ideal Home', 2020, POW! Thanet 


Radford House, Ramsgate - 14th & 15th March , 11 am - 5pm


RESORT Studios, Cliftonville - Private View 19th March 

                                        - 20th March - 29th March  


My work is a playful response to the exhibition; looking at the woman place in a home (kitchen/cleaner) and the ideal home show (pop kitchens/carcasses). 

'Brick Tile Sponge' looks at the common shape found in a home; the foundations of a home, to the decoration to the cleaning of the home. With this versatile shape, I have chosen the material of sponge as a comedic play with the controversial idea of a woman's place; the cleaner who lives in the kitchen. The tiling of my carcass/ shell kitchen with be made from sponges and the grout will be made from soap. 

The construction of the shape plays with the basic layout found in a kitchen space; door frame, work top and sink. I wanted the carcass to act as an outline for the eye to follow around the shape

The images to the right have been created on a 3D rendering programme to help me visualise the construction of the piece. 

This exhibition is part of local festival POW! Thanet of arts and culture celebrating and exploring issues around feminism. 

As Covid-19 has interrupted the exhibition, I have taken photos in my home.