Nothing with Nothing

Inspired from the Poem 'The Waste Land' by T.S Elliot, myself and Ella Seccatore decided to respond to the poem by studying our local town Cliftonville. 

Cliftonville is still stuck in a deprived state and has been left behind in Margates success. Being stuck in the middle of two successful towns (Cliftonville & Broadstairs), it has become an area in which you pass through quickly to get to the other towns; in my eyes at has become a void. I explored this feeling of uneasiness and stillness with various visits walking around the town recording the outside swell as inside by going into the local cafes and shops.


Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 16.01.43.png

The VOID is a sculptural structure made from 1x1 timber and silk screen mesh. The materiality of the mesh helps the image carry through out the structure. 

The piece is suspended at a height that encourages the audience to duck under into the sculpture. 

The footage displayed is a mixture of myself and Ella's photo's and videos from our visits of Cliftonville. 

Collecting Data

From each visit, we focused on documenting different aspects of Cliftonville, dividing up the town; coastal walk, high street, clifftop. With the documentary photos I created a layered booklet, playing with various papers, so the audience can play with creating their own compositions as they develop through the book. It also highlight the layered history of Cliftonville.